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Just adding the 'Friends Newsletters' to the site again.

For those who have not seen them they have some wonderful stories of the early days of the club and lots of interesting photographs.

Who are the Friends of LTSC?  We are, I think, all actually Friends of the club.

Why did we start having an annual party?

Well, I was borrowing a canoe one day when someone passed me in a car and give me a bit of a funny look before getting into his wheelchair and then having a picnic on the grass just along from the clubhouse.  The canoe I was borrowing was one of those that had had been lying under the clubhouse for many years and had three initials on it 'JML' and lo and behold it was Mr. Jack McLean in the wheelchair!

I did think at the time I would have loved to have said hello to him and that it was a shame that he was coming up on a sort of random basis when he would have had no real chance of seeing any of his friends.  I thought then that if we could have a party once a year then any of the former members visiting the club would, by result of having a fixed date, get a chance to meet their friends.  

The plan was to also capture some of the stories and there are some rather good ones for example of the parties in the early sixties, some tree removal attempts for which dynamite was deployed and a sail ending in a court case after the boat was 'strafed' by a VERY low flying young man the day he had passed his pilot's license.

There are also photos of a painting done for one of the 60's parties and for those not in the know legend has it that the three naked ladies on this particular art work were apparently the artist's mother, his wife and his mistress.  It sat facing the wall in the race box for decades and I was amazed to hear at the end of the first party for which we had dug it out a young lad, not born when the painting was done, confidently pointing out to his colleague which of the ladies was which...

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy seeing these articles and photos and manage to come along to the party next year and join in - all are welcome.

I am working on a collection of Jim's photos at the moment so watch out for the next edition and any 'copy' welcomed.



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