Building Report - April 25th

 Loch Tummel Sailing Club

Progress Report on Friday 27th April 2008
Internally there is a hive of activity with several trades engaged throughoutA good level of co operation exists although, the odd hiatus is unavoidable. Externally very little has changed because of the Main Contractor's recommendation that ground reformation be delayed until it had dried sufficiently. Currentlythe surface is firm and ideal for moving and shaping but "sod's law of the site" dictates that rain will fall before work commences on Monday 28thPaving to the path leading to the east entrance will proceed in parallelPaving is a demand by Building Control for handicapped accessalbeit,  other surfaces remain "as is". Spot the logic? Must be the same mind set that demanded insulation in the Link!

As is evident from photographs, both the Kitchen and Tea Point are complete apart from painting and floor covering. In the Link, the Cleaners Store and the Handicapped Toilet are formed and plumbing pipe work installed with "Wet Wall" and fittings to follow. In the Chalets, floor sheeting is complete and floor drains are in place. Pipe work is complete and many of the sanitary fittings are in place. "Wet Wall" linings and proparatory toilet partitions should be fitted next week. In Changing Rooms, plinths have been formed below seats in order to raise bags etc above the wet floor. Seats will follow. Non slip flooring will commence next week and floor drains are already in place. A new large capacity cylinder has been installed because one supplied with the chalets was defective. New head height screens formed in plasterboard have been taped and filled prior to painting. Note: Non slip flooring will not be laid over concrete floors in the Link until the slab dries out and concrete dries at the rate of 25mm per month
The Plumber is prioritising gutters so that a drain test can be carried out next week. Some plastic gutters are delayed until the Joiner forms canopies over entrances. As I was leaving the site this was underway and the Joiners are working through Saturday. As a matter of information, canopies are another unexpected Building Control demand, seemingly intended to protect against wet and ice! Perhaps we should have a winter series to justify? Oh no, we don't have heat! Where the Porch was removed it was intended to link the cast iron gutters on either side but that proved impossible because of divergent heights. New gutters have been instructed along with scaffolding to satisfy "health & Safety". Nothing is easy or cheap! 
The new 3 phase electricity supply has at last been installed and the building has power. There was difficulty in drawing the cable through the under building to the main board position. To do so, floor boards were lifted and have yet to be repaired. This will be necessary before ply wood under sheet and non slip flooring can be laid in the Club Room. Most of the original counters and cupboards are surplus to requirement because of new fitments in the Kitchen. The main unit has been retained and will be re located below the window on the south wall
Preparation for painter work has commenced and areas critical to Building Control such as the kitchen will commence next week
A good standard of workmanship is being achieved throughout and good materials of their type, commensurate with our purposes and pocket have been employed. Every endeavour is being made to achieve completion by 6th May on which date an inspection by Building Control and Fire Protection has been provisionally arranged (apart from a time). Drain tests and a letter confirming that intumescent varnish has been applied according to manufacturers instructions is awaited and must be to hand before then. 
I have a gut feeling that time remaining is tight but, I can say with certainty, that work, not on the critical path, will continue after the due date but, that should not prevent members "spit and polish" internally and laying moorings etc. Access will remain by the club key. Recognising that the start to our season is unavoidably delayed and with a view to minimising demands upon members time once sailing begins, a review of club funds, based on all known information, was carried to establish if additional work could be instructed. As part and parcel of contract works some painting is unavoidable eg where a window has been replaced or corrugated sheets replaced following the removal of redundant service pipes. It was determined that club funds could stretch to complete all painter and decorator work and an Architects Instruction was issued on 21st April. Due to time constraint, work has already commenced. Consequently, the hoped for "turn key" conclusion should be achieved, albeit that plenty of ground work remains for members to fettle up the boat and car parks. I am generally confident that members will be agreeably impressed with our new facilities, making all the cost, delay and agony worthwhile. 
On Friday 25th April the electrician dropped a bomb shell in the form of a Draft Final Account! First let me explain. At the end of the job, the Electrician has to issue a Certificate of Electrical Compliance in accordance with the IEE Regulations. Without this, Building Control cannot issue an Occupation Certificate, in which case we would be "all dressed up with nowhere to go"! The Electrician's certificate relates to the entire installation and not only to contract work. Despite the club commissioning annual safety reports from an independent Electrician as part of planned maintenance, wiring for lighting in the "original" building is deemed to be non compliant, furthermore, the new 3 phase supply has caused unforeseen work to the main board for the provision of controls for water heating etc. Sub boards which provide local control should have been in the chalets |(as in others of the same type) were missing and replacements had to be instructed. There may be a legitimate grouse in that the Electrician did not flag up additional costs much sooner, indeed cost information was sought for additions and deductions to the specification. Furthermore, part of the debate in settling this account will be over what steps the sub contractor took to inspect conditions as found as a base for "contractors design" and costing ie.before tender. Regrettably we are now between the proverbial rock and a hard place". In addition, the expensive armoured cable serving the shed has been severed in the vicinity of the shed itself, probably due to machine operations and it needs to be replaced, otherwise we cannot operate. Due to the muddy state of the site, which has been reported previously, this was not detected until now. Furthermore, it is unreasonable to allocate blame because, on the club's instruction, some site preparation and tree root removal was carried out prior to the Main Contractor taking possession. The up shot of all this is an over spend of circa £8000. 
We are obliged to meet the Main Contractors legitimate costs and I expect to receive a cost up date next week which will be carefully scrutinised. Delay is centred on sub contractors being tardy with paper work and not because of any lack of diligence on the part of the main contractor. I expect to be shot for asking this question but, I shall ask it anyway, "are there any fairy members" who might help defray some of this extra cost?  Or ideas?
NOTE: The  Electrician has requested an extension of time or approval of overtime working in order to complete additional work.  I am not inclined to authorise the cost of overtime! This will be discussed at the site meeting on Tuesday 29th. in the context of starting date, manning and continuity.
The Main Contractor understands that access by members must not be hampered from Saturday 3rd. May onwards.
Ian McLaren
27th. April 20008

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