Tummel Week 2017, schedule

Tummel 2017 starts the 23rd with registration and evening meal with the first race on the 24th. Schedule summary is below.
You can camp from the Saturday afternoon at 4pm (likely earlier) at the club and the area is laid out with yellow tapes to separate cars etc.
Please contact the club at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are attending and have yet to let us know or with any questions.
23rd Sunday, Registration from 4pm, Meal at 6pm
24th Monday: Briefing 10am, Race 1: 11am; Race 2: 2pm; Race 3; 4pm
25th Tuesday: Race 4: 11am; Race 5: 2pm (planned as Island); BBQ: 5pm; Quiz: 7.00pm (after BBQ)
26th Wednesday: Rest Day, Family hill walk will be arranged start around 10am, likely 3-4 hours
27th Thursday: Race 6; 11am: Race 7; 2pm; Race 8: 4pm
28th Friday: Race 9; 11am: Race 10; 2pm; Prize Giving around 4pm, End of Week meal 5:00/5:30pm
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