Work Party 'to do' list

Below is the job list for Saturday, a copy will be on the board at the club door. Please tackle any your able to and mark off when complete.


1 marks out and inspected for repairs (ALREADY DONE)

2 moorings out (ALREADY DONE)

3 trees and bushes need cut down in front of the race box

4 padlock missing from fuel store

5 flying fifteen winch load in to mve van for service

6 club boats to go into storage clean down and check over

7 ribs to come out and get washed down and go to storage sheds (RIBS ARE OUT JUST NEED WASHED AND TRNSPORTED)

8 clean out race box and store away radios etc

9 benches to be stacked in front of race box shed doors

10 secure race box halyards for the winter

11 ensure all canoes and wind surfers are under the club and the doors are shut

12 burn branches and rubbish

13 secure gas cylinders

14 clean and tidy club house stake up chairs remove lose covers for cleaning

15 drain down water system and pump

16 check jetty bolts are tight and tanks are secure

17 salt into toilets and traps to protect from frost

18 lubricate door hinges and locks

19 sand pit toys away

20 clear out fridges and prop doors open

21 empty freezers into one

22 take meter reading

23 check all gutters are clear

24 drain down tea urn

25 clean kitchen

26 mouse proof plates etc

27 equipment check

28 clean changing room

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