2014 Sailing Instructions

The sailing instructions for 2014 are now available from here


Note the sailing instructions have been overhauled with the main aim to make the life of the OOD simpler. The high lights of these changes are:

1)      Racing will be done in 2 fleets. Fleet 1 will normally sail over the large ABC marks and Fleet 2 over the inner marks 1-4. Fleet 1 is open all boats of any handicap, Fleet 2 is open to generally  Toppers and slower only. The intent here is to allow for the range of abilities that we have in some of the fleets.
2)      Boats unable to complete within the allocated time limits MAY have their position points for the race given based on a the previous round. This is a decision of the Race Committee and would normally be made retrospectively. The intent is given the handicap range on the longer course it makes the job of the race officer easier in terms of deciding when to shorten a race.
3)      Each fleet will normally start based on the light sequence specified in the sailing instructions but each fleet has its own class flag allowing each fleet to be shortened separately. The intent is to make the race officers role easier by allowing timing decisions between the fleets to be made.
4)      If in the inner start line mark is laid, then all boats must sail between it and the S mark on ALL rounds including at the finish.

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