"The Jimmie\

Now the article title has got your attention, what is it all about?silver-marine-rib-boat-md

The club would like to thank and truly show its appreciation to the "J K Cairncross Trust" who have gifted the club funding to purchase a new rescue boat. Jimmie Carincross was one of two brothers who established the Perth jewllers renowned for their Tay pearl items.

Sailing was one of his passions and took his last sail round the island at Loch Tummel with club member Ian McLaren. Confirming as we all suspect the "small world" saying, Denise and I were neighbors of his until we moved to Germany.

At the request of the trust the boat will be named "The Jimmie".

Final research and quotes are ongoing but the intention is a semi-rigid inflatable package somewhere between the current "big and wee" ribs we have today (attached picture as a sample only). With the rapid growth in membership this new addition to the clubs flotilla is more than welcome

Graham Logan









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