New changing rooms and re-vamp of club house plans

Most people who come to LTSC seem to enjoy the family ambiance of the club, its location in beautiful Perthshire and the sometime challenge of the sailing water. This is reflected in a regularly increasing membership and in the number of “regulars” and “recruits ”attending open events.


Consequently there is constraint upon clubhouse space as well as car and boat parking. As a matter of information, the existing building is a former rural school, re erected on site when the club was formed in 1962! It has done very well but, demand and expectations rise.

Most people who come to LTSC seem to enjoy the family ambiance

Recently the club agreed to purchase from the Forestry Commission, part of the “ancient woodland” to the north of the present site, to provide ample room in which to expand all facilities.


First priority is to provide more changing rooms with toilets and showers, a toilet for use by the handicapped and better lounge space. Various alternatives have been considered and a design developed to build changing rooms toilets etc. behind the existing building. Within the existing building a kitchen and a training room would occupy the area presently used for changing rooms and toilets and the lounge would be expanded accordingly. The specification was appropriate to achieving an acceptable quality with minimised maintenance but, the probable cost exceeded funds either available or likely to be raised through grants or by member subscription.

Early in January this year the, club became aware that the Holiday Park at Tummel Bridge was in the course of replacing wooden chalets and that some of the existing chalets were for sale. This was a “take it or lose it” opportunity so, the club took a view and acquired two chalets, each of which is formed in two modules and these have been delivered to the club site. Planning Permission is being sought and, if granted and a Building Warrant obtained, these chalets will be erected by the contractor who dismantled them and they will occupy same locus as the earlier new build proposal. Paradoxically the gross floor area is greater than that in the new build option and the cost significantly reduced.

Considerable modification and fitting out will be necessary to make these chalets fit for our purposes. A revised cost plan, which includes the work within the existing building and also members “in kind” contributions, has been developed and the process of raising funds begun in earnest. As part and parcel, there will be additional boat parking, while the parking of cars should become less chaotic.

If all necessary consents and funds are in place, it is hoped to commence contract work in late September 2007 and have improved amenities available for season 2008.

The club looks forward to renewing old acquaintances and welcoming new members in 2007.

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