Membership enquiry

So you think you might be interested in joining the fun at Loch Tummel Sailing Club?

A few things that you should consider, and if your still interested then complete the attached enquiry form.

  • The clubs current fee structure is below, not no joining fee is currently applied (Sept '08)
  1. Family :up to 2 adults and all children under 18, 185 pounds
  2. Single: a single adult, 100 pounds
  3. Student: over 18 in full time education, 30 pounds
  4. Cadet: under 18 (not part of another family membership), 20 pounds
  5. Non-sailing: 20 pounds

The club bye-laws and AGM agreements state the following

  1. No fishing from the club or from boats launched from the club
  2. Members boats are not normally allowed engines (contact for further details)
  3. Boats with accomodation are strictly controlled and no 'staying onboard' is allowed
  4. Boats over 20ft length are also strictly controlled
  5. All members must undertake duties in support of the club planned activities, these range from rescue, race officer and kitchen. Up to twice a year.

If you are looking to purchase a boat, please contact the club first for advice on what would be suitable for the Loch as well as for your abilities. The club does not have boats availabel for hire, there are however 2 small Picos for members but racing these is not allowed. They are available first come first served on a day to day basis.

Enquiry form:

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